Rank It (1)

Hello loyal fans. As a part of my never ending quest to resist the stupidification (yes…stupidification) of American society I have devised a funtastic (another made up word) new game. As I often do, now you too will have an opportunity to RANK THE SEXIEST MALE POLITICAL LEADER OF THE COLD WAR! Click the links below to open an image in a new window.

Josef Stalin, John F. Kennedy, Mao Zedong, Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Nixon, Ho Chi Minh

Just leave your vote in a comment! In three days I will total up the results and declare a winner!

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  1. umm.. I am going to have to say:
    1)JFK(not really but he’s the best out of this ugly bunch!)
    2)Stalin(because his mustache is sexy in an 80’s YMCA sort of way!)
    3)Ho Chi Minh
    4)Mikhail Gorbachev(“Sexy Grampa!” I could put make up on that thing on his head!)
    5)Nixon (He deffiently fell off the ugly tree and hit everybranch… plus he is a republican)
    6)Mao(He could have made forth if he did not have that finger growing from his chin)
    please do not hate for what I wrote.. i am just really shallow. hahaa

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