On Cupcakes, Physicals, And Japan…

Hello loyal fans.  I would like to speak to you today about a few things, two of which I do not particularly find enjoyable and one which I admire.  The first is the cupcake.  The second is the hernia check.  The last is Japan.  While I have not had cupcakes or a hernia checked in a number of years, over the weekend both subjects managed to come up.  Around the same point, the beauty of Japanese culture also arose.  No doubt, there is some sort of comparison to be made here between American and Japan and such.

All of this began with an innocent cupcake dessert (of which I did not partake).  I might have considered the cupcake option if they were the vanilla kind with the little colored candies inside, but alas they were chocolate…bane of my existence.  The aforementioned chocolate cupcakes were also frostinged (I just made that word up) liberally and covered in a variety of Halloween themed sprinkles…neither of which I can condone.  Nevertheless, I am sure they were delightful for those who do enjoy such confections.

The other topic of conversation was the physical.  Somehow, and at this point I cannot recall why, the concept of “turn your head and cough” arose.  The simple question was asked, “why turn your head?”.  The simple answer…so you do not cough on the doctor/nurse/etc.

While this was all going on I was reflecting on my perception of Japanese culture as quite beautiful.  While I came to the conclusion that my perception might have been based on my position as an outsider, I am not yet willing to conceded that the only reason for my admiration is that.
Whatever the case, as a result of all this silliness a haiku was born.  So, with mad props…thats right…I said “mad props” to Julie, I give to you our Haiku:

Gently rustling leaves.

Turn your head and cough, they say;

Warm cupcakes…cold balls.

Quote of the Day:

“Garth…that was a haiku!” – Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell in Wayne’s World

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