Democracy v. Fascism

Hello loyal fans. As I find myself spending more and more time in meetings, I have begun to develop great admiration for, and understanding of, fascist states. Democracy, and the bureaucracy inherent to it, is such a terrible waste of time and resources. We feign control within the decision making process, but in reality governments/study groups/committees/etc. are going to do whatever they want anyway; why do we delude ourself with visions of agency?

Anthropologists and social philosophers all assert that man yearns for structure and guidance. While there are a variety of theories as to why this is, it seems to be a virtually universal theory. Granted, there are some prominent anarchists who would refute that statement, but anarchy is, in a sense, social structure. Certainly it derives from the theory that man is inherently good and, therefore, has no need for artificially imposed regulation, but there remains regulation. Anarchy, though appealing in some ways, simply cannot be successful on the large scale. Frankly, anarchy will likely fail on the small scale (just as all previous utopian movements have). The social philosophy behind it is inherently flawed; man is, ultimately, not inherently good. If it were so, communism would function effectively and the democratic process in place in so many nations around the world would not be as corrupt as it is (United States included).

I am hesitant to speak ill of the democratic process, but in reality it is failing, and has in many ways failed since its inception. Democracy is the opiate of the masses. Television, media, and general ignorance allows this to persist. If Americans were not so uneducated and apathetic this nation would not be slowly spiraling down in the manner which it is. The more history I study, the more certain of this I become. Any time the rights of the citizen are infringed in this nation it is with popular consent. Thomas Jefferson would shudder if he were to see what the “great experiment” had devolved into. The nation which exists today is truly one of the Hamiltonian ideal. The people are blissfully ignorant to the usurpation of their “inalienable” rights. This persists at all levels of government and social organization.

So much time and so many resources are wasted on a decision making process which ultimately leaves nobody satisfied and nothing accomplished. The clear solution is simple fascism. Let the delusion come to an end. Why must the nation persist in ignoring the fact that this nation is led by an oligarchy of fools whose sole success is making the people believe they have the power. It is easy to understand how this has been allowed to take place; people are too ignorant and too apathetic to be responsible for the decision making process and so, naturally, a group of leaders have taken on the responsibility of doing all that “boring stuff”. And yet, there remains a national obsession with choice; it is ludicrous. The people have elected themselves out of the process. The only question which remains is who will be the American Caesar?


Quote of the Day:

“The truth is that men are tired of liberty.” – Benito Mussolini

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